Whether it be building a collection from the ground up or looking for a specific work in the Urban Contemporary and Urban Art genres, we can help. Over 15+ years experience in collecting this up and coming movement, we can help the process go smoothly and be less intimidating. We are here to listen to your goals and then execute them.

This genre has gained the attention of serious collectors and artists are enjoying Museum recognition at increasing rates of acceptance. This makes for a fast moving market that takes time and effort to stay on top of.

Services we provide:

  • Understanding your aesthetic and providing advice how it all works cohesively with your collecting taste
  • Sourcing Works in the primary, auction, or private sale markets.
  • Understanding Pricing and Handling Negotiations to acquire Works.
  • Help in How to Make Sense of Collecting to make it fun and rewarding.
  • Research/Advice-Be Confident in your Selections by having done the research on Artists
  • Leverage your time to have us filter works for you to review.
  • Protect you from shady business practices of a vastly unregulated art marketplace.
  • Handle Shipping Logistics and Customs
  • Provide a layer of Privacy for High Profile Clients upon Request.
  • Advice/Guidance on deaccessioning works you no longer wish to own.